BedtimeBedding Storytelling Set for your kids

Bedtime stories have numerous favorable benefits for parents and kids alike. The altered routine of a bedtime story before sleeping has an unwinding impact, and the relieving voice of an individual telling a story takes into consideration a cool environment in which the kids can nod off all the more effectively.

Bedtime Bedding is a super adorable kids’ bedding set comes with a fun playing duvet with pockets, three cute plush figures and an advanced mobile phone application. These highlights make bedtime stories connecting, interesting and eventually unwinding – the ideal fixings that help a children anticipating bedtime.

bedtime storytelling set

The cell phone application itself gives endless narrating thoughts to folks who may have inconveniences on that office after a hard day at work. The application additionally highlights tips on the best way to join the duvet and the plush considers along with the play. With the Bedtime Bedding set on load up, making up a story for the night is truly no problem and with the likelihood to act it out immediately, the entire experience feels complete and regular.

Their Bedding Set backings folks with endless narrating thoughts. The following are a portion of the highlights of their item.

  • Make Bedtime fun and smooth.
  • It help you to improve your communication skill
  • Bails you our when you are short of stories.
  • Impressive design that make your story realistic.
  • Can easily be used for daily routine.

With a high vitality Kickstarter crusade set up that offers incredible advantages for ahead of schedule supporters, Bedtime Bedding may rapidly change the way numerous families put their youngsters to bed, to improve things. They plan to go on Kickstarter within a week and hoping that they will have the capacity to achieve their objective and have any kind of effect in the your life.

The Kickstarter project will be launched on 20th April, 2015 with the goal of collecting GBP 16.000.

Check for more detail about them.

Tips to avoide Fake Free product Sample

Free product samples are provided by different companies to promote their products. However, there are just some fraudulent sites and unscrupulous people who use the offer to deceive other people and take advantage of them. Although the promo is valid, you should never discount the fact that there are false advertisements that attach to the popularity of free samples. Here are the ways on how to spot the scams.

Be Careful With The Information You Give

Companies offering free samples without surveys will ask you the basic information about yourself. The safe information to give away will be your name, age, gender, email address, address and telephone number. But if they insist on asking for more information than this, you are most likely dealing with scam artists. Reputable sites offering product samples without surveys will not ask you of your social security number, bank account information, mother’s maiden name and credit card number. If you are asked about the information, you better leave the site.

Know The Realistic Offers

Free samples come in only small bottles or packages. If one site offers one month or one year supply of the item, you are dealing with a fraudulent company. Unless you win in a promo or you are the celebrity endorser of the product, you will never get this too-good-to-be-true offer. Other doubtful offering are free television set, free cellular phone, free lap top and free car.

Check The Shipping Cost

Some sites offer the free product samples but can charge you of a high shipping cost. The item is free but they charge too high cost for the shipment. If you are dealing with reputable companies, you should not pay even a single dollar. The free samples are for free in every aspect. You only give your basic information and you get to enjoy the gratis samples absolutely free.

By simply knowing when to leave, you can avoid scam artists. When you see the first sign of survey, payment requirement or they ask you of your financial information, ask no further question, just leave the site and just look for other companies offering the product samples.

Looking for summer travel deals? Look no further!

This being Canada, it’s not entirely impossible that summer already happened and you missed it. There was that Saturday a few weeks back where you slept in till midday. Maybe summer happened that morning and you slept through the whole thing? Perhaps that week you spent with your cousin up north (I mean, further up north) was the one where everyone hit the beach and bought ice cream and you missed it because the only beach you could find that wasn’t frozen had a polar bear on it and the ice cream was so cold you could only heat it after some serious hard labor involving a chisel and a blowtorch. Maybe.

Let’s take a serious perspective for a moment and imagine that, despite its latitude, maybe Canada does have a summer and also that despite the awesome summer Canada totally has, we live in the era of cheap airline tickets so you can just go somewhere with a real summer during the Canadian summer. Somewhere without polar bears.

You might, however, still need some last minute vacation deals when you throw open the curtains and realise that, yes, it’s going to be summer for at least the next twenty minutes and, no, you haven’t booked anything yet. Clearly, you need some pretty quick internet access. Already, dudes outside are running by in beach shorts, toting surfboards. Panicking slightly, you try and find your phone, knowing without a doubt that it’s down the back of a couch. But which one? You haven’t used your laptop in months, ever since the lid froze shut, and you don’t have time to install the hundreds of updates it’ll demand before it’ll function properly now it’s finally thawed. The smell of barbecue drifts through the windows as you tip the couch over, your desperation lending you the strength of the Hulk. Finally, among the discarded candy wrappers, miscellaneous bits of cutlery and – gross – an apple core, you finally find your phone and frantically google ‘discount travel sites‘. There are still flights! You quickly scan through the pages of information about hotels and airlines, trying to find something, knowing everyone’s thinking the same thing as you and they maybe got to the web first and maybe paid for their own wi-fi rather than trying to steal it from their neighbors – who are now playing samba music at ear-splitting volumes – like you did.

Desperate, you just bag a flight at random. It’s not till the confirmation email turns up in your inbox while you’re sipping a mojito by a pool with only a few chunks of ice in it, squinting over your sunshades, that you realize you’ve booked yourself in for a weekend of sun, sea and Seattle.

Better luck next year.

Inviting Kids and Parents to try a brand new iOS App

App Store Link for ‘Vocabulary Quiz for Students’

➢     ‘Vocabulary Quiz for Students’ is an iOS app targeted for Elementary and Middle Schoolers to test their knowledge in challenging words. It has been created by a parent after reviewing multiple apps that cater to SAT, GRE and other competitive exams targeted for higher grades.
➢     A great vocabulary is the key to success in many careers, so feel free to challenge yourself to the quiz, even if you are not a school going child. The word and the sentence choices have been carefully reviewed to make sure that they are appropriate to the grade level.
➢     Categories

○ Junior Level(free) category contains 120 words and over 150 questions and is targeted for KG to 3rd grade students.
○ Junior level(2014) category challenges you in over 1000 words and definitions.
○ Senior Level(free) category contains 120 words and over 200 questions and is targeted for 4th to 8th grade students.
○ Senior level(2014) category challenges you in over 1000 words and definitions
○ Senior level(2015) category challenges you in over 1000 words and definitions

➢     GameCentre integrated with multiple leader boards support to present category wise high scores.

kids quiz

How to play?

  • Once the test starts you will be presented with 30 multiple choice questions. Each question has 4 word choices; you have about 30 seconds to answer. Correct answer gets a maximum of 14 points (option turns green) with points decreasing over time, wrong answer loses 5 points (option turns red).
  • The order of questions and the answer options are jumbled to keep the retries interesting and challenging.
  • If your child is preparing for any vocabulary bee competitive exams this may serve as a good practice.
  • With over 350 word definitions in the free category and over 3000 in the premium categories you can use this App to quiz your vocabulary or in preparation for SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL as well.

kids app and educational game

Things worth mentioning

  • Easy to use, as per our beta testers
  • Interface has been professionally designed to enhance user experience(selection process involved vetting my K12 Kids)
  • Fun and interactive
  • It can be used offline; no internet connection is required to use the app.
  • No Ads (We are committed to providing a clean and safe learning environment)


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Email –

Top 3 Sites That Offers Cheap Invitations

From planning an once-in-a-lifetime wedding to a child’s birthday party or your annual Christmas party, the entire process can be very tedious, exhausting, and most of all, expensive. There are numerous simple tips and tricks out there on how to save both time and money. We believe one major area in which you can find substantial savings is on invitations, especially nowadays with many excellent, convenient printing websites.

Before you decide where the invitations will come from, you need to make some important decisions that may cut many costs. First, decide what role you want the invites to play, how big of a priority are they to you and your event? Many party planners feel that invitations, since they are the first items on which guests initially lay eyes, set the tone. Second, get real when it comes to the guest list and your budget. You don’t want to under- or over-estimate on either of these important details. Third, you need to choose your printer. As mentioned, there are quite a few quality websites from which to choose. Here are our suggestions:

1. Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints offers custom cards and invitations for many special occasions, including graduation, birthday parties, and birth and engagement announcements. They also offer personalized stationery, gifts, and home décor, as well as options for professional and business printing. With prices typically as low as $0.99 per card, Tiny Prints prides their work on its exclusively designed collections, standout quality, and an “obsession with perfection.” Check out tiny prints coupons here.

2. Vistaprint

Vistaprint has a significantly large amount of products to offer: from invitations and cards, stationery and photo gifts, to custom labels and ink and, digital and website services to much, much more. With sales starting around $4.86 for 10 cards, Vistaprint has an average overall customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 and prides itself on its 100% guarantee and helping clients bring their “vision to life.”

3. Shutterfly

A member of the same family as Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas, Shutterfly has a wide range of offerings, including photo books, invites and stationery, picture gifts, and home décor. Shutterfly’s signature is being able to utilize your favorite photos in your paper products. With prices beginning around $1.04 per card, Shutterfly offers unlimited photo storage and 100% “happiness guaranteed” on their award-winning products.

Lola Shoetique Coupon Codes of March

Lola Shoetique is the family owned business boutique that offers fashion forward shoes, sandals and all kind of footwear for women. Currently having  7 retail & wholesale locations and giving guarantee for 100% satisfaction.

Todays top Lola Shoetique Coupon Codes

  1. Upto 50% Off – Checkout their seasonal sale and get up to 50% discount on more than 200 plus styles.
  2. NEWYEAR - Shop from their online catalog for heels, boots, flip flops, sandals and get additional $5 discount on that.
  3. Giveaways – They are currently hosting sweepstake for all their customers. Follow few simple steps to enter into the contest and you can get chance to Win awesome prizes for FREE.
  4. PATTERNJUNKIE - Purchase their neon tribal print heel-less wedge and get that at Free Shipping for US residents only.
  5. LS_HOLIDAYS – During the checkout time you can use this codes and receive 20% discount on entire order. prices cannot be applied to prior purchases.
  6. SHOELOVE - Make Sure Your Special Someone Knows You! Now you can enjoy $5 saving on total order.
  7. Free Shipping – For Free Standard Shipping and discount offers you can become their fans on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter social sites.

Our experts regularly publish Lola Shoetique Coupons and promo Codes, special offers and other clearance sale alerts for you to save hour huge money on your next purchase, So you are requested to please check back this page.

PetFlow Coupon Codes of March

PetFlow is leading online supplier and manufacturer of high quality and affordable pet foods. was started few years back to help you to save your time on purchasing your pet stuffs to local grocery stores and get branded products at same price. [Bertuccis Coupon Codes]

Todays Best PetFlow Coupon Codes and Offers

Free Standard Shipping – If you are about to placed order of $49 and more then you could get it at Free Shipping to your postal address.

Special Offer – Get Merrick Beef Dog chews, Naturla Bully stick, dog treats, puppy pads and more at upto 50% discount.

WEB10 – Its online offer that will give you $10 discount on your any order of $40 plus. Please check for the offer detailed page.

SRB8 – Shop for Dog food or Car foods and receive $5 discount on that. Offer can’t be combined with other promotion.

BLUE7 – Get the branded pet foods and accessories from Acana, Alpo, Magnets,, Felidae, Fromm, Sojos, Waggers and  more for upto 7% discount.

If you found any of the PetFlow Coupons and discount codes and special offers given here is not working then you can write your valuable comments here, We will soon update you with the latest promotion and discount coupons.

Gilt Groupe Coupons March

Gilt Groupe ( Main URL – Groupe ) is the members only online shopping place allow you to access top merchandise at upto 60% discount on retail price.They have limited time first come first served kind of deals for local services, travel and lifestyle for men, women and kids.

Top List of Gilt Groupe Coupon Codes and Sale 2015

  1. Upto 90% Off – Buy Women’s handbags, dresses and other designer accessories for upto 90% saving.
  2. Extra 30% Off On All Shoes – Classic boots, sleek oxfords, chic pumps, and more: Your sole mates are here. Receive additional 30% discount.
  3. Egg for Girls – get $15 Egg gift card when you spend $50 or more!
  4. The Great White Sale – Whether you are just looking for a set of new sheets, or you want to go full-tilt with a duvet, comforter, blankets, shams, and a throw – from top brands, we’ve got you covered!
  5. Free Shipping and Up to 70% Off : Cuisinart Appliances – From blenders to cookware to handy tools, Cuisinart’s beloved wares will stock your kitchen with quality and style.
  6. Front Row Magazine – This sale includes a mix of trendy pajama-style dress shirts, paired with classic black loafers and a luxe black bag with noticeable gold hardware.
  7. Seychelles + Free Shipping with MasterCard – Attention shoe lovers: Get free U.S. standard shipping when you pay with your MasterCard.
  8. Upto 60% Off – Shop for designer jewelery, footwear, watches, apparels and other accessories for men, women at upto 60% discount price.
  9. Thairapy365 – yes please – stock up on blow dryers, flat irons and more at up to 60% off.
  10. Free Shipping + Up to 70% off Appliances – Fashion and function merge in these sleek, space-saving appliances: Whip up a smoothie or prepare a three-course meal, all without cluttering your kitchen.
  11. Denim at up to 50% Off – Update your denim for the season innovative takes on vintage washes and traditional fits.
  12. Riding Boots Under $150 – Riding boots in all styles and colors  as low as $150 only.
  13. Up to 70% Off on Essentials for the Kitchen - Whether you are a seasoned chef or an everyday cook, make meal prep easy work.
  14. MC51 – Now you no need to worry about the shipping charge, If you are international customers, Since they are giving all order at Free of cost.
  15. Swarovski Deal – Up to 50% Off Swarovski’s Dazzling Crystal Jewelry
  16. Get $25 Credit – Invite your friends and ask them about Gilt to receive $25 when their first order ships.
  17. GILTNEW25 – All the new members can receive additional $25 discount on any kind of order of $50 and more.
  18. GILTNEW20 or GET20 – You can use any of these codes to receive 20% discount on handbags, watches, luggage, gear, health and beauty products.
  19. INTLFS – Free International shipping.

For more Gilt Groupe Coupons and Promo Codes ( Sign up! )
All the bargainer are requested to join their online club by their email address and receive regular alerts for upcoming and current clearance sales, discount coupons, promotional offers and other deals.

Have a look at below list of store for your next online shopping :-

The Clymb Coupon Codes for March

The Clymb is the leading members only privately operated online shopping club. The Clymb allow their members to purchase your favorite outdoor gears and accessories at upto 80% discount price. They usually organic 72 hour sales on premium brands and merchandise that are hand picked by their expert staffs.

Top The Clymb Promo Codes List :-

  1. Free Shipping Deal – Occasionally they are posting Free Standard Shipping offer for entire order of $150 and more, So please check for that details.
  2. CLYMBEVOLUTION – With the help of this code you can get 10% discount on sitewide! Valid for few days only.
  3. Refer a Friend – Wow! Now you can Invite your friends to be a active members and receive $15 when they make their first purchase of $15 or more.
  4. Clearance Sale – Check for Hiking, Running, Yoga, Performance outerwear for mens and womens at upto 70% discount price.
  5. Get $20 Credit – During the current month you can spend $99 and more to receive $20 in your cart.
  6. FRESHGEAR – Head over the official site and shop for outdoor gears to receive 20% discount on your entire purchase order.
  7. Outdoor Sale – Place order for strength tape, road bikes, travel guides, camp furniture, footwear and apparels for both mens and womens to have upto 50% saving.

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The Clymb Coupon Codes ( Valid Members only! )
Use your email to join their club and become their members by joining their private sale network to get deals of upto 70% off on retail price for various products and accessories.

Pei Wei Coupon Codes for March

Pei Wei ( main online portal : ) is the leading Asian diner restaurant chain operating in United States (US) having more than hundreds stores. It is owned by P. F. Chang’s China Bistro (PFCB) and offers foods from 5 Asian cultures.

Today’s Top Pei Wei Discount Coupons and Codes

  1. BOGO Offer – They are currently offering Buy one Get one Free Entree for selected locations only.
  2. Secret Deal – Join their official social pages like Facebook and Twitter and get secret deals and ongoing coupons to save huge on your next order.
  3. THIRTEEN – Lets Celebrate 13th anniversary by getting 20% discount on your online order. Valid for current month only.
  4. Combo Starting at $6.45 – Select for their chicken or vegetables & tofu or other combos aat price of $6.45 only.
  5. Gift Card – Now you can give gift vouchers to your family, friends and co-workers from $10 to $500. Just follow the steps to purchase gift cards.
  6. Cut Min 30% Fat – look for their delicious dishes like noodles, rice bowls, gluten free at cut of minimum 30% fat.
  7. SEPT14 - For a limited time only you can receive 20% discount on your online order by using that code.

Pei Wei Coupon Codes, most recent special offers, deal of the days are usually available at their official Facebook page, So you should become their fan to get offer from them Also for newly added menu you should sign up for their free email newsletter, Or you can regularly check this page and get promotional offers details once it comes.

Don’t forget to check below list of stores and restaurant :-