A Complate review of TinyFingerZone.com

Our goal is to make safe toys for your kids. Toys that are simple yet provide a versatile amount of play. Magnetic blocks allow your kids to become build against gravity.

50 piece project

Why magnetic blocks?

Every research shows that children need to play in order to learn. Children need to touch, see, and make.

By giving them blocks it opens the door for
- imagination
- learning to count, color, stack and group
- problem solving and critical thinking skills
- the ability to build in any direction, against gravity
- unstructured and open-ended play
- discovery
- so much more than a piece of paper and a pen

tiny finger zone

Description of product
•    Includes 5 colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow
•    Includes 2 wooden shapes: cube 3x3x3cm, rectangle 6x3x3cm
•    Even number of cubes and rectangles.
•    Each shape has a magnetic side on each side, a total of 6 magnets per shape
•    You will also receive a carrying bag for your blocks. The bag can be used for storage at home and/or take it everywhere with you

Check http://www.tinyfingerzone.com/ for more details.

A Complete Review of Yazing.com

One of the trending online sites for making money is Yazing.com. The site has been a hot topic in the recent past since its formation. A quick chat with Yazing.com founder, Adam Viener, showed how excited he is about launching a new platform for making money online. The growing popularity of this site is what has necessitated the review of this site. The main purpose of this review is to highlight how this trending site works in making money.

What Exactly is Yazing.com?

Yazing.com is a new site that gives platform to “Mommy” bloggers and brand enthusiasts to make money online. For many years, bloggers and brand enthusiasts have been promoting different brands but have not been well compensated for their work. This new site brings into play a good way of compensation to people who promote products.

How does it work?

Users of this site are paid in two ways:

The first mode of payment comes from coupon codes and promotional offers that users are given when they make online purchases from participating brands. A user only has to use the coupon code given when checking out. This first mode of payment does not involve being given hard cash for the work done. It is a way of saving money when making purchases. As a member you will get cash back for your every purchase and later you can redeem that credit to get huge amount of discount on your future orders.

The second way of being paid involves getting hard cash when your referrals make purchases from the participating stores. Since bloggers and brand enthusiasts have influence on many people, they can actually make money out of the influence they have. Yazing.com pays off a commission for any purchase made on participating stores.

Getting Started with Yazing.com

One of the benefits of this site is that it offers an easy way for people to make money online. The steps to start making money online will be highlighted here below:

Step 1: Check out List of Available Brands

The first step before anything is to check the list of available brands. There are a number of participating brands which should be known by those who want to use Yaing.com. The list of available brands can be easily accessed in Yazing.com.

Step 2: View Latest Deals and Coupons

The next step is to view the latest deals and coupon codes. There are different deals at different times. It is therefore important to take note of the deals that are ongoing.

Step 3: Share your Personalized Link

The third and perhaps one of the most important steps is to share your personalized link to a brand’s Yazing deal page. The link can be shared anywhere including your blogs, email, tweets, texts or even facebook.

Step 4: Save and Earn Money

The final step is to start shopping to save money. You should use the coupon codes provided to make great savings. You can also influence other people to shop in participating brands for you to earn commission. It is important that your personalized link to be used when the purchases are made.

The above mentioned are the 4 easy steps that can get you money from Yazing.com.

Choosing this site only has benefits with no drawbacks of any kind. Bloggers and other internet users should take advantage of this site to start earning and saving money online.

5 Great Ways to Save on Family Entertainment This Summer

The warmer weather is here, and this only means one thing…summer break for the kids. Whether you intend to have your children attend a summer camp, or they’ll be home for the summer enjoying some family time, you’re going to need to keep them busy. While there are tons of things that you could do enjoy your time with your kids this summer, if you’re on a tight budget, affording some of the lavish family vacations might be out of the question.

Well, let me be the first to tell you that you don’t have to have a great deal of money to spend some quality time with the family. Here are some suggestions on how you can entertain the entire family this summer, without having to break the bank.

1.  Cut the Cable – The cost of cable can get outrageous when you include the various features, channel lineups, and additional packages. Even with a basic package, a family could be spending an average of $100 or more per month on cable television alone. When you factor in the concept that you probably don’t watch as much television during the summer months, it really is a waste of money. This is especially true when there are so many other affordable alternatives to cable, such as satellite services. Satellitetv-deals.com shows various satellite packages you could invest in that cost you almost half of what you’d pay for in cable services. The money you save by cutting cable for the summer (or altogether) could be used to fund your family’s summer fun.

2.  Check Out Your State Websites – You can live in a city or state for a given period of time and still never access all the fun things there are to do. I found that out myself. I thought I had seen everything there was to see and know about my state, until I was doing some research on free or affordable things to do in the area. By reviewing my state website, I found that there were often a lot of events going on during the summer. From festivals and carnivals, to movies in the park and free museums, I was able to find things to entertain the family that were either dirt cheap or free.

3.  Sign Up for Coupon Groups – Did you know you can use coupons to save on more than just your groceries? There are plenty of coupon groups and websites that have discounts and printable coupons for fun and entertainment. By signing up for multiple groups that offer coupons on the regular basis, you could save a bundle on your summer time activities. Whether you are looking for savings on your favorite restaurant or trying to find a discount to a theme park, there are coupons for just about everything you and your family enjoys.

4.  Pack Your Snacks or Eat Before You Go – One of the biggest expenses about going out places with the family is the food bill. Whether it’s grabbing a large pizza, some wings, and drinks, or eating expensive food from child entertainment places like theme parks and museums, the expense can really add up. The best way to fix this and save money is to do one of two things: pack snacks or meals to take with you, or eat a snack before you go so that you don’t have to purchase a meal while you’re out. That way the money you spend on food can be spent on admission costs or souvenirs.

5.  Make it a “Staycation” – Who says that you have to go out all the time in the summer months? Sometimes you can create the best memories right at home. There are plenty of ideas in which you could implement at home to have fun with the kids. A few ideas might be to host a camping trip in your backyard, have a family game night and invite others over, or even allow the kids to have a summer pool party and invite some friends over.

Spending time with your children this summer does not have to consume your budget. There are plenty of options that will allow you to save money while also having a good time. From reducing your television costs, to having fun in your own backyard, your kids will certainly have a lot to talk about when they head back to school in the fall. Remember, it’s not about how much money you spend, but how much time you spend in putting a smile on their faces.

Jostens Coupon Codes for June

Jostens was started by Otto Josten on year 1897 by repairing people’s keepsake jewelry. Jostens.com is the popular destination that features personalized school yearbooks, college rings, photo gifts, sports rings and other graduation packages and most of them covered against loss or theft for a period of 4 years once you buy it.

If you really want to save on your yearbooks and college rings, Then I would suggest you to check Amazon. They have huge collection of college accessories including Graduation photo album starting at as low as $9.99 only.

Tips : Simply type the name of item you want at Amazon and you will hundreds of highly rated products.

Top rated Jostens Coupons and Promo Codes 2015 :-

SHIP2YOU – Head over the online store at OurHubbub.com and get any valid products at Free Shipping to your location.

Diploma Frames Offer – Proudly display your customize college diploma frames (i.e Classic, Meridian, Scholar etc) at awesome saving.

HALFSEPT – This code is valid for getting 50% discount on books.

RACEDAY25 – When you place order for NASCAR Fan Photo Book you can receive 25% discount on your entire order.

32926 – Get unknown discount when you buy Class Ring.

2109 – Get $50 discount on your total order of $400 and more. Also you’ll get Free shipping on that order.

LEAPEC15 – Get customized home-school, college, police, fire, pilot, military rings or championship rings of $50 at 15% discount price.

GRADGIFTA9 or SCRAPBOOK9 – Use any of these codes in your cart to receive 20% saving on order of photobooks, albums or gifts.

SENIOR or GRADEBOOK – Those planning to buy grade books, senior apparels, jewelry, keepsakes and other accessories can get 10% discount on that.

In case you have question or query for Jostens Coupon Codes, special offers, weekly/monthly promotional discount coupons then you should post your valuable comments here. We will soon reply with satisfactory answer. Also please follow our social page like Facebook, Twitter etc.

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Grubhub Coupon Codes of June – $7 Off

Welcome to Grubhub Coupon Codes and special promotional offers page for 2015, where you can get Free Grub and many more working deal. So you should bookmark us and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. In case of any question or query you can ask by commenting here.

RLVBCMF6DXQEO1YK or B3UNSXIYQATCKFBK or XSUEHKBUF7RHVRY6 - Use any of these reward code to get $7 in Free Grub. I get daily dozen of such codes and I can’t use any them. So if you want them then you should join my Facebook Page. You need to place at least one comment and need to like the story to earned Free grub code.

Grubhub ( official website www.Grubhub.com ) is the leading online food delivery and ordering system like eMeals coupons that allow you to browse from thousands of restaurant like Pei Wei promo code, cuisine and foods type nearest  to your area and send that to your home or office once you place order.

grubhub promo codes

Todays Top Grubhub Coupons Codes List 2015 :-

  1. Flat $7 Off (100% Working! ) – Get $7 discount on your first order of $15 or more. No phone calls, no extra fees and 24/7 Customer Service that guarantees you’ll get what you ordered.
  2. New2GHY9H2A – Receive $5 discount on order of $10 or more. Valid for new customers only.
  3. wk11857 - Spend $10 and get $5 discount. Valid for your first order only. Offer is valid at Bamboo Garden only.
  4. 6065469294461259796 – Save $7 on your first order.
  5. FEEDKIDS – Order using given code and they will donate $1 per order to No Kid Hungry. As a thanks to you, They will send 15% Off coupon on 8th Oct via email.
  6. getfood6 – Receive $6 discount on your first order of $10 and more. Valid for current month only.
  7. wk1976  or wk9184 – Receive $5 discount on your any order of $10 and more. Valid for new customers only.
  8. Facebook Deal – Become their FB fan and like their official page to get alert of active promos, special offers and giveaways.
  9. eeo9224 – Get $5 discount on your very first order of $10 and more. Valid for Sushi only.
  10. gg13047 – Get $5 discount on your first order at Pita Loco only.
  11. MIKEYBAYDAY – Use at checkout page and get 15% discount on any food order of $10 and more.
  12. NEWHERE – Copy and paste the code at checkout page to get $5 discount on your order of $10 and more.
  13. noo0057 – Receive $7 discount on your first time order of $15 and more. Valid for Passero’s Pizza only.
  14. eeo8919 – Place your first order at mama chuy and get $5 saving on that.
  15. BACKTOCLASS – Head over and get 25% saving on your any purchase. Valid only in Wisconsin and Madison.
  16. noo0064 – Apply at payment of your online order $15 plus to get flat $7 discount at Trattoria DOC.
  17. gg02289 – Get $5 discount on your first order of $10 at China Gourmet.
  18. Free Delivery – Place your order and get Free Delivery to pickup your menu item at your doorstep.
  19. GRUBNEWBIE – All the new customers can get place order over $10 with $5 saving. Check for the terms and condition.
  20. finalcram – For a selected destination and restaurant only you can get 25% discount. Valid for Blackburg, VA and others.
  21. Free Coke – Place order of $40 and more to get Free 2-liter of coke. Limited time offer.

How to Use Grubhub Discount Coupons ?

  • First of all you have to browse their large inventory containing hundreds of restaurant, thousands of menu or you can also use your zip code to find the restaurant nearest to you.
  • Now after selecting the menu you can go for the payment page via your credit card or other options available there.
  • At the checkout page you can paste the promo codes copied from this page and get the associated discount.
  • You are requested to check for condition of the coupons like minimum purchase required, location or restaurant restriction.

Below are some more related stores and merchants that you can go for :-

Brandy Melville Coupon Codes for June

Brandy Melville is the leading online place for designer women’s apparels and fashion accessories. Brandy Melville regularly update their site with the different new products to provides the latest fashion of clothing, jewelry, bags and other funky products that you would really enjoy.

Top Brandy Melville Coupon Codes and Deals 2015 :-

  1. Free US Shipping Deal – They are giving Free standard shipping on any order of $100 and more. Valid for 48 contiguous of US only.
  2. Save 40% – Checkout their official site having markdown sale for various fashion accessories. You could get upto 40% off the retail price. Can not be combined with any other offers.
  3. Free International Shipping – Are you out of US? Don’t worry you can still get your order of $250 plus at Free Shipping.
  4. Clothing from $10 – Now you can purchase apparels like tops, jeans, bottom, skirts and more starting from $10.
  5. 20% Off – No need to use any code! Go ahead and get 20% discount on your total order. Valid for selected purchase.
  6. Free Canada Shipping – All the Canadian customer can enjoy Free Shipping on their order of $100 and more.
  7. Jewelry at $3 – Now you can purchase different kind of fashion jewelries as low as $3 only like  necklaces, rings, bracelets.
  8. BR42013 – Apply this code for 15% discount on entire order.
  9. Clearance Sale – Choose from hot looking dresses, stylish tanks, graphic tees, tops, intimates and other clothing at upto 30% saving during the online sale.

Get more Brandy Melville Discount Codes ( Must Sign up! )
You can get more such valid promotional offers and coupon codes along with latest fashion, newly arrived items, hair care, beautiful jewelry and more by sign up for their email newsletter.

We’ve gather nice list of related women merchants from that you would like to buy :-

Gilt Groupe Coupons June

Gilt Groupe ( Main URL – gilt.com Groupe ) is the members only online shopping place allow you to access top merchandise at upto 60% discount on retail price.They have limited time first come first served kind of deals for local services, travel and lifestyle for men, women and kids.

Top List of Gilt Groupe Coupon Codes and Sale 2015

  1. Upto 90% Off – Buy Women’s handbags, dresses and other designer accessories for upto 90% saving.
  2. Extra 30% Off On All Shoes – Classic boots, sleek oxfords, chic pumps, and more: Your sole mates are here. Receive additional 30% discount.
  3. Egg for Girls – get $15 Egg gift card when you spend $50 or more!
  4. The Great White Sale – Whether you are just looking for a set of new sheets, or you want to go full-tilt with a duvet, comforter, blankets, shams, and a throw – from top brands, we’ve got you covered!
  5. Free Shipping and Up to 70% Off : Cuisinart Appliances – From blenders to cookware to handy tools, Cuisinart’s beloved wares will stock your kitchen with quality and style.
  6. Front Row Magazine – This sale includes a mix of trendy pajama-style dress shirts, paired with classic black loafers and a luxe black bag with noticeable gold hardware.
  7. Seychelles + Free Shipping with MasterCard – Attention shoe lovers: Get free U.S. standard shipping when you pay with your MasterCard.
  8. Upto 60% Off – Shop for designer jewelery, footwear, watches, apparels and other accessories for men, women at upto 60% discount price.
  9. Thairapy365 – yes please – stock up on blow dryers, flat irons and more at up to 60% off.
  10. Free Shipping + Up to 70% off Appliances – Fashion and function merge in these sleek, space-saving appliances: Whip up a smoothie or prepare a three-course meal, all without cluttering your kitchen.
  11. Denim at up to 50% Off – Update your denim for the season innovative takes on vintage washes and traditional fits.
  12. Riding Boots Under $150 – Riding boots in all styles and colors  as low as $150 only.
  13. Up to 70% Off on Essentials for the Kitchen - Whether you are a seasoned chef or an everyday cook, make meal prep easy work.
  14. MC51 – Now you no need to worry about the shipping charge, If you are international customers, Since they are giving all order at Free of cost.
  15. Swarovski Deal – Up to 50% Off Swarovski’s Dazzling Crystal Jewelry
  16. Get $25 Credit – Invite your friends and ask them about Gilt to receive $25 when their first order ships.
  17. GILTNEW25 – All the new members can receive additional $25 discount on any kind of order of $50 and more.
  18. GILTNEW20 or GET20 – You can use any of these codes to receive 20% discount on handbags, watches, luggage, gear, health and beauty products.
  19. INTLFS – Free International shipping.

For more Gilt Groupe Coupons and Promo Codes ( Sign up! )
All the bargainer are requested to join their online club by their email address and receive regular alerts for upcoming and current clearance sales, discount coupons, promotional offers and other deals.

Have a look at below list of store for your next online shopping :-

CallingMart Coupon Codes of June

CallingMart ( main website : www.CallingMart.com ) is the leading online marketplace that features various wireless refills, contract phones, calling cards for tons of wireless operator companies. It is part of GlobalConnet, LLC and was founded few years back to give their customers the calling cards at unbeatable price.

Top CallingMart Promo Codes and Deals

  1. FTR145 – Head over their site and get 5% discount on Pageplus, Simple Mobile, H2O, Cricket, Red Pocket and Airvoice refills. Minimum purchase of $18 required
  2. ccsmr13 – Apply this code and get 10% saving on all long distance calling cards. May be valid for current month only.
  3. FTR147 – Simply purchase the refills for Net10, Tracfone and Verizon wireless of $18 plus to get 7% discount. Net10 family plans excluded,
  4. FTR1410 – Receive 10% discount on AT&T Go Phone Refills. Valid for Min purchase of $18.
  5. dad135 or SPRG135 or PRD135 – For a limited time only when you purchase wireless refills for Pageplus, Simple Mobile, H2O, Red Pocket or Airvoice you will get 5% saving.

Below are Less Reliable CallingMart Discount Coupons :-

  1. SPRG1310 or PRD1310 – All you can enjoy 10% saving on refilling your At&T Go Phone. Valid for online purchase only.
  2. MLK125 - Go and select T-mobile, Mojo, Loco, Virgin Mobile for your carrier and you will get 5% discount on that.
  3. ca3p-1207 – This is the older code giving you 3% discount on purchase of selected products from your online store.

In case you are not able to use CallingMart Coupon Codes and special offers given here then we strongly recommended you to please post your valued comments here. Mostly their offers have expiry date and having some limitation as well, So please feel free to ask us.

Some more electronics stores that you might be interested :-

BedtimeBedding Storytelling Set for your kids

Bedtime stories have numerous favorable benefits for parents and kids alike. The altered routine of a bedtime story before sleeping has an unwinding impact, and the relieving voice of an individual telling a story takes into consideration a cool environment in which the kids can nod off all the more effectively.

Bedtime Bedding is a super adorable kids’ bedding set comes with a fun playing duvet with pockets, three cute plush figures and an advanced mobile phone application. These highlights make bedtime stories connecting, interesting and eventually unwinding – the ideal fixings that help a children anticipating bedtime.

bedtime storytelling set

The cell phone application itself gives endless narrating thoughts to folks who may have inconveniences on that office after a hard day at work. The application additionally highlights tips on the best way to join the duvet and the plush considers along with the play. With the Bedtime Bedding set on load up, making up a story for the night is truly no problem and with the likelihood to act it out immediately, the entire experience feels complete and regular.

Their Bedding Set backings folks with endless narrating thoughts. The following are a portion of the highlights of their item.

  • Make Bedtime fun and smooth.
  • It help you to improve your communication skill
  • Bails you our when you are short of stories.
  • Impressive design that make your story realistic.
  • Can easily be used for daily routine.

With a high vitality Kickstarter crusade set up that offers incredible advantages for ahead of schedule supporters, Bedtime Bedding may rapidly change the way numerous families put their youngsters to bed, to improve things. They plan to go on Kickstarter within a week and hoping that they will have the capacity to achieve their objective and have any kind of effect in the your life.

The Kickstarter project will be launched on 20th April, 2015 with the goal of collecting GBP 16.000.

Check www.bedtimebedding.com/ for more detail about them.

Tips to avoide Fake Free product Sample

Free product samples are provided by different companies to promote their products. However, there are just some fraudulent sites and unscrupulous people who use the offer to deceive other people and take advantage of them. Although the promo is valid, you should never discount the fact that there are false advertisements that attach to the popularity of free samples. Here are the ways on how to spot the scams.

Be Careful With The Information You Give

Companies offering free samples without surveys will ask you the basic information about yourself. The safe information to give away will be your name, age, gender, email address, address and telephone number. But if they insist on asking for more information than this, you are most likely dealing with scam artists. Reputable sites offering product samples without surveys will not ask you of your social security number, bank account information, mother’s maiden name and credit card number. If you are asked about the information, you better leave the site.

Know The Realistic Offers

Free samples come in only small bottles or packages. If one site offers one month or one year supply of the item, you are dealing with a fraudulent company. Unless you win in a promo or you are the celebrity endorser of the product, you will never get this too-good-to-be-true offer. Other doubtful offering are free television set, free cellular phone, free lap top and free car.

Check The Shipping Cost

Some sites offer the free product samples but can charge you of a high shipping cost. The item is free but they charge too high cost for the shipment. If you are dealing with reputable companies, you should not pay even a single dollar. The free samples are for free in every aspect. You only give your basic information and you get to enjoy the gratis samples absolutely free.

By simply knowing when to leave, you can avoid scam artists. When you see the first sign of survey, payment requirement or they ask you of your financial information, ask no further question, just leave the site and just look for other companies offering the product samples.