Couponing Beginners FAQs

Are you new to couponing and want to learn how to save money with coupons, Don’t worry we have created basic couponing guide for Beginners that will answer all your questions.

I know as a beginner you will wonder how one can save hundreds of dollars and how we can do same and seeking to get the answer for such common questions.

Couponing Basic FAQs

What is Couponing?

It is the method used by the shopper to receive the discount from different stores and merchants.

Who can use the Coupon?

Anyone! Yes almost everyone can use the coupon to receive associated discount.

Where to find the Coupons?


  • You can find the coupon on local Sunday newspapers, We’ regularly post the weekly and weekend deals which you can see to find your favorite stores coupon.
  • You can also find the offers from various Coupon clipping websites (i.e, SmartSource, RedPlum etc) and official manufacturer’s websites.
  • There are huge number of magazine which usually allow you to cut the coupons from their weekly or monthly issues.
  • From the printable Coupon mailers! Yes you can register for the email newsletter for various leading stores and merchants to get their coupons and sale details.
  • Someone you can also get coupon by phone or by simply asking the store manager about any ongoing offers.

Can I print more than coupon?

Answer is mixed! Yes and no. There are many stores which allow you to print two coupons per computer but some manufacturer let you print one coupon per computer only.

Who doubles coupons ?

There are many leading stores like Publix, Target, Kroger, Kmart, Walgreen, Walmart, Safeway etc that double your coupons. Some of them allow you to double the coupon on certain day of the month. So requesting you to please contact them for detailed Coupon Policy.

How to Use Coupon Code?

First of all you need to copy the code from dedicated store page listed here and then at the purchase time when you’re going for checkout you can enter that promo code to receive related discount.

If you want to Start Stockpile with Coupons then you can check our dedicated page for that.

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