A Complate review of TinyFingerZone.com

Our goal is to make safe toys for your kids. Toys that are simple yet provide a versatile amount of play. Magnetic blocks allow your kids to become build against gravity.

50 piece project

Why magnetic blocks?

Every research shows that children need to play in order to learn. Children need to touch, see, and make.

By giving them blocks it opens the door for
- imagination
- learning to count, color, stack and group
- problem solving and critical thinking skills
- the ability to build in any direction, against gravity
- unstructured and open-ended play
- discovery
- so much more than a piece of paper and a pen

tiny finger zone

Description of product
•    Includes 5 colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow
•    Includes 2 wooden shapes: cube 3x3x3cm, rectangle 6x3x3cm
•    Even number of cubes and rectangles.
•    Each shape has a magnetic side on each side, a total of 6 magnets per shape
•    You will also receive a carrying bag for your blocks. The bag can be used for storage at home and/or take it everywhere with you

Check http://www.tinyfingerzone.com/ for more details.

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