Jimmy John’s Nutritional Menu and Calorie Facts

Human’s life expectancy keeps on going down by the day. The major cause has been the lifestyle that we live today. Healthy living has been replaced with unhealthy lifestyle. But thanks to few dedicated restaurants such as Jimmy John’s restaurant, healthy foods are being brought back in the picture.

The Jimmy John’s restaurant was founded by Jimmy Liautaud in year 1983. Currently, The restaurant is on more than 1000 different locations. Its selling point is the nutritional foods offered at the restaurant. The main dish, the sandwich, is not just any other ordinary sandwich; it has so much nutritional value that has made people like the restaurant.

Jimmy John’s Nutritional and Calorie Facts

Here below are some of the sandwiches and their nutritional menu.

  • Big John

Calories: 533
Fat: 24
Carbs: 49

  • Gourmet Smoked Ham Club

Calories: 775.3
Fat: 32.37
Carbs: 68.77

  • Gourmet Veggie Club

Calories: 773.35
Fat: 38.11
Carbs: 70.36

  • Pepe®

Calories: 614.3
Fat: 30.77
Carbs: 50.12

  • Beach Club®

Calories: 729.35
Fats: 30.67
Carbs: 71.23

  • Country Club®

Calorie: 765.3
Fats: 31.33
Carbs: 68.82

  • Bootlegger Club®

Calories: 684.3
Fats: 24.53
Carbs: 67.27

  • Ultimate PorkerTM

Calories: 760.3
Fats: 39.27
Carbs: 67.22

  • Club Lulu®

Calories: 755.3
Fats: 33.33
Carbs: 67.27

  • Turkey Tom®

Calories: 514.9
Fats: 21.83
Carbs: 50.27

  • Totally Tuna®

Calories: 648.35
Fats: 30.83
Carbs: 54.13

  • Vegetarian

Calories: 578.35
Fats: 30.11
Carbs: 52.53

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To prove its nutritional value, we will sample some of the foods and sides that are in Jimmy John’s restaurant menu. By doing this, the calorie facts of each item will be stated.

Sides Nutritional Facts

  • BBQ Jimmy’s Chips

Calories: 160
Fats: 9
Carbs: 17

  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Calories: 420.73
Fats: 17.76
Carbs: 62.35

  • Regular Chips

Calories: 160
Fats: 8
Carbs: 18

The above mentioned are some of the common foods that are bought in Jimmy John’s restaurants. From the facts given above, it is clear that the food has nutritional value of balanced calories, fats and carb.

If you are on diet or want vegetarian or gluten free dishes then you can also find that. Good thing is that, customer can request their menu online too. Simply checkout their site for menu and place your order now to get food sitting at your doorstep. One more thing is that you can use promo codes or printable coupons to save a huge on your next order.

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