Save money at 23andme using Discount Coupons

Now you can easily analysis your DNA at much less price with 23andme Coupon Codes and promotional offers given at this page.

23andme is the genetic research company that allow you to study your own DNA. Build your family tree and find relatives across continents or across the street. You just have to order their kit and register it online then send your saliva sample along with that kit. Their lab staff will then examine it and send you complete DNA report within 2-3 weeks.

Current 23andMe Discount Codes 2013 and Promotion :-

$99 Kit – For a limited time they have reduce the price of kit from $299 to $99 only, So its almost $200 saving for you.

I would suggest you to grab this offer as soon as possible. You can even gift their DNA kit to your friends or family members as well.

Below are some health related stores that offers special sale :-

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