Tips to avoide Fake Free product Sample

Free product samples are provided by different companies to promote their products. However, there are just some fraudulent sites and unscrupulous people who use the offer to deceive other people and take advantage of them. Although the promo is valid, you should never discount the fact that there are false advertisements that attach to the popularity of free samples. Here are the ways on how to spot the scams.

Be Careful With The Information You Give

Companies offering free samples without surveys will ask you the basic information about yourself. The safe information to give away will be your name, age, gender, email address, address and telephone number. But if they insist on asking for more information than this, you are most likely dealing with scam artists. Reputable sites offering product samples without surveys will not ask you of your social security number, bank account information, mother’s maiden name and credit card number. If you are asked about the information, you better leave the site.

Know The Realistic Offers

Free samples come in only small bottles or packages. If one site offers one month or one year supply of the item, you are dealing with a fraudulent company. Unless you win in a promo or you are the celebrity endorser of the product, you will never get this too-good-to-be-true offer. Other doubtful offering are free television set, free cellular phone, free lap top and free car.

Check The Shipping Cost

Some sites offer the free product samples but can charge you of a high shipping cost. The item is free but they charge too high cost for the shipment. If you are dealing with reputable companies, you should not pay even a single dollar. The free samples are for free in every aspect. You only give your basic information and you get to enjoy the gratis samples absolutely free.

By simply knowing when to leave, you can avoid scam artists. When you see the first sign of survey, payment requirement or they ask you of your financial information, ask no further question, just leave the site and just look for other companies offering the product samples.

Originally posted 2015-04-07 06:57:57.